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Singapore Post Revises Postage Rates

Singapore, 17 th November 2006 Singapore Post Limited announced that it will revise postage rates for domestic mail and international air-mail services with effect from 18 th December 2006.

•  domestic postage rate for 20gms mail increases $0.02 after 11 years

•  international air-mail postage rates increase between $0.05 and $0.40 after 6 years.

Domestic mail postage rates

Postage for ordinary domestic mail in the first step weight of 20gms will be increase by $0.02 from $0.23 to $0.25

There will be no change to the rates of other weight-steps of ordinary domestic mail

International air-mail postage rates

For Zone 1 countries, (Malaysia and Brunei), there will be a $0.05 increase for the weight steps of 20gms, 50gms and 100gms. For every additional 100gms thereafter, postage will cost $0.20 more

For Zone 2 namely Asia and Pacific (excluding Japan, Australia and New Zealand), there will be an increase of $0.05 to the postage of mail in the 20gms step weight.

Zone 3 and 4 will be merged into 1 category and be known as Zone 3. The new zone 3 comprises the rest of the world including Japan, Australia and New Zealand. With the merger of the 2 zones, the postage rates will be aligned, with the first step of 20gms pegged at $1.10. It will cost $0.35 for every additional 10gms thereafter.

Distribution options

With the recent increase in postage rates and the announcement of GST hike from 5% to 7% from the government in the 1 st quarter of 2007, we may see another increase in postage costs.

Fortunately, our clients have the option to save postage costs by opting for our local hand-delivery service. Customer, that has mails that are 50gms and more will be able to save at least 10% or more by using this service.

For customers that does mailing exercises frequently, this translates to thousand $$ of savings on postage for the entire year.

Good News

We can agree with Singapore Post that that mail distribution is labour intensive and manpower costs over the last 11 years have increased by 40.3% and operating costs have similarly increased as well with fuel prices having risen 212.2%.

In spite of the above cost increase, ASM Consultants Pte Ltd has managed to improved our level of service with constant reviews of improving productivity and to continuously innovate the company to offer alternative solutions to help our customers manage and save costs.

Our prices and services to our customers continue to be of very high value and competitive.

We wish all our customers a HAPPY and PROSPEROUS year ahead in 2007.

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