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SINGPOST revises the International Bulk Mail (IBM) Scheme

Singpost has announced that the International Bulk Mail (IBM) scheme will be revised effective 1st January 2006. The revision is necessary to reflect the new postal settlement syetem (terminal dues system) between postal administrations and the increase in fuel and security costs.  The last major revision to the IBM scheme was in the year 2001 when the new terminal dues system came into place.
The major changes effective 1st January 2006 are as follows:

  • reduce 5 volume tiers to 3 volume tiers
  • re-classification of Middle East countries from Zone F to Zone E
  • introducation of bulk mail accounting rates for Australia and UK, applicable when
    mailing more than 1,500pcs of mailers per lodgement to each of the destination.

We have updated the latest IBM postage rates in our web.  Pls refer to posta
ge for "International Bulk Mail Scheme 2006".

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