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What we offer

We know that our customer’s needs are different and continuously changing. Sometimes, speed is the biggest priority and at other times, it’s cost.
No matter what you are sending, whatever it’s Promotional Mail, Publications, Annual Reports or Packages, we’ll work in partnership with you to tailor our services to accommodate your every need.


Our Core

Our services is grouped into the following product lines for easy reference:


We will meet with you to discuss on your marketing plans, design of the mailer and offer professional advise to meet Singapore Post’s requirement to “Designing a Quality Mailer” so that you can take full advantage of the “Domestic Bulk Mail Postage Scheme” and “International Bulk Mail Postage Scheme” and enjoy maximum savings on postage costs.




Mail Fulfillment

The logistics of preparing your circulation to your subscribers/customers can be extremely time and labor intensive. So, just have your materials delivered to ASM Consultants Pte Ltd and we will take care of everything.

Inserting into envelopes/pillow-cases

Laser Printing Services

We offer mail merging of text and data onto cover-letters to printing of carrier sheets and subscription cards.

Data Management Services

With all the information you have, we have the resources to help you with data entry, label printing and de-duplicating services.

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