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July 1st 2007

Singapore Post revises Domectic Postage rates AGAIN!!!

Following the announcement by the Singapore goverment to revise the Good and Services Tax (GST) from 5% to 7% with effect from 1 st July 2007, the new GST rate will be implemented on SingPost services, where applicable from the same day.

Pls refer to “ POSTAGE for the new pricing structure for local mails.

Distribution Options – Hand Delivery Mail Service

As we know, Singapore Post is still the mail distribution provider even after the liberalization of the monopoly lisence.

ASM Consultants Pte Ltd had set up a alternative distribution option of “Hand-Delivery Mail Service” sometime time ago.

This service offers greater value and postage discounts over the use of Singapore Post.

At a time where postage price had been dictated and with several increases over the last few years, the option of having your bulk mails “Hand-delivered” by our own postal team will be the best alternative solution to save on postage $$$.

This service is good for mailers from 100gms and “non-standard mails”

Depending on the profile and quantity, we can offer very attractive discounted postage rates over SingPost's published postage prices.

Many of our existing customers since tried our hand delivery mail service and opted to make the progressive switch.

Should u wish to know more, talk to us now. Afterall, we are your Mail Solutions Consultant.

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