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We have a variety of distribution modes that can be use as one or as a combination to help you reduce postage costs:

Singapore Post
Local hand delivery service
Hand delivery with acknowledgement


Packaging Materials

We can offer a variety of packaging materials from supply and printing of Envelopes/pillow-cases to Self-adhesive labels, postal tubes and boxes.
Customization is also possible.



Warehousing facilities are available through third party logistics to store your materials without having you to maintain storage space and a large administrative staff.



We understand that data confidentiality and security is the up-most importance concern in our industry. It is with this reason that ASM Consultants Pte Ltd DO NOT offer:

List rental services
List maintenance services

Our customer’s data are processed in a secured environment and data is deleted upon 24 hours from printing.

However, should you require such services, we will refer your requests to our business partners who offer such services.


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